02 December 2010

The Perfect Challenge

I was minding my own business yesterday when I read a posting from Riona. I've been looking for a theme for my 2011 stitching, or a challenge, and there, on my lovely stitching friend's blog was a link to
this challenge. Any challenge that means I get to start a new WIP a day is a good'un, so I'm signing up.

I now have to pick out and kit up my 15 projects. I don't think I'm going for gargantuan projects. I know better. I'm learning to set reasonable goals and it's not reasonable to want to do 15 large projects. So I'm looking at smaller projects, ornaments and such. I have some things kitted up that I will, no doubt, put on the list and of course, I'll work on UFOs in addition, but I want this to be a fun challenge for me.

Anyone else up for it?


Meari said...

Yeah, no. I barely have enough time for the stitching I have going. But good luck with your challenge! :)

Eva said...

I am thinking about this challenge and planning to kit up 15 ornaments and small projects that I have been wanted to get to for a long time.

riona said...

That's right ... blame me ... I can take it, especially after being called a "lovely stitching friend". But really, I think this is very doable ... most of us complete 15 projects or so a year ... though we don't usually so the serial starting thing! I am even brave enough to do this with medium to large projects. I think I did too many ornaments this past year [39 at last count, I think] and I am sick and tired of ornaments for now.

Sew Wilde said...

I think I might do this too though I am going to count in some UFOs that need to be completed.


Shari said...

I signed up!!! I can do it.....the hardest part will be getting them all started in Jan......I will probably be caring for our triplet grandsons a few weeks of the month...somehow, I don't think stitching & 3 17 month old's will mix too well!

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