03 December 2010

My Little Crazy Heart

I think the My Little Heart SAL was "the" SAL this past year in a lot of stitching circles. I've seen some very beautiful WIPs through the seasons. It was so tempting. I have to admit, I wanted to do it right from the start, but I, um, procrastinate on a world-class level. And so, here it is December 3rd, and I'm finally working on it.

And I have to say . . . I love it.

It's not fancy, it doesn't call for expensive threads, just DMC on white fabric is suggested. I'm using MCG evenweave--I know, SHAME ON ME, LOL. But I learned to stitch on evenweave on this fabric, I can't tell the difference, and it works for me. And I'm really enjoying the process of stitching this. The hardest part was rounding up the threads. I bought most of what I need, but my Michaels is not that well-stocked, and there were a few missing. I'm replenishing those from my giant tub o' floss, but there are some I will just have to go to the big town for.

One of the benefits to starting a year long SAL 49 weeks into the project is that it gives me a chance, as I'm stitching, to remember the year that has gone by, now that things are starting to settle down. So far, we have January, where I was as blue as the snowman after jumping into the icy Bay in a snowstorm and my smile was just as big. February, where we had more snow than money, but a mountain of love that couldn't have been moved by a team of snowplows. Then March came and we started hoping beyond hope that spring was finally here. It's a nice project to end the year with. I'm hopeful I can have it done by the end of the month, but I'm leaving the date blank til I know I'm done. I'm not sure how I'll finish it, but I'm looking forward to seeing it progress.

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