14 December 2010

Photos of the Final 15

I did a lot of thinking over the weekend. The Winter Blackwork, while I love it, requires JAR threads, and I don't want to order those, or try to work out a conversion. At least not right now, so I changed to Patriotic Summer by Midsummer Night Designs.

Here are photos of the final pictures. Some of them are not the best. Beazer was assisting me and he didn't warn me, LOL. He did get himself into the pictures. Pardon his nose . . .

A Nuisance of Cats.

Icky Spooky, by Mosey N' Me.

Sugarplum Fairy, by Country Cottage Needleworks

Pegasus Originals Schipperke

Eva Rosenstad kit, which I will stitch on PTP Crystal Mercedes.

Bent Creek Snowman Row

Midsummer Night Designs Patriotic Summer

Lizzie Kate Official Snowguide

Ms. Mitchell's First Grade Christmas Pageant (I'm really excited about this one, LOL)

Prairie Grove Peddler A Cat's Life

Diane Graebner Taking Care of our Deer Friends

Sampler Girl Hope Perches

Jeannette Crews Pinto from the book, "Wild Horses."

Waxing Moon, No Scaredy Cats.

I also have It Snowed last Night on the list, but I don't have a picture of the finish.


natalyK said...

Awesome selection! Happy Stitching!

Annie said...

Nice variety of design and size so you won't get bored. I like your taste!

Vicky said...

Great selection, it is going to be a busy 2011!!

Carol said...

It will be fun to watch your progress on these, Rachel. Boy, that
Schipperke one looks tough to stitch--better you than me!

mbroider said...

Love these two the most: Mercedes one and A Cat's Life

Happy Stitching!!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Great choices - I love the Bent Creek Snowman Row (one of my wishes one day)

Good luck and enjoy x

Julie M said...

Great selections Rachel! Love the 2 horse pics!

Siobhan said...

Great selection, especially the pony piece! Like Annie said, it's a nice combo so you won't get bored. I still need to make a final decision on my 15. Instead, I'm carrying around charts from room to room, trying to decide.

Candi said...

What a great stash. I love Bent Creek designs that one is my favorite. I think I need it now!

Pumpkin said...

That's quite a selection and I love your model that shows up from time to time in the pictures ;o) You're going to have your hands full this year! LOL!

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