30 March 2011

Freebie alert

There are some really sweet freebies on this site. I was ENTRANCED with one of them. I'll let you guess which one I completed already til the camera battery juices up again.

Updated: Here is my finish! I am so pleased with him. He is stitched on white Aida with Russian Sage HDF. Is that not a sweet bunny? He's going on my Easter tree, or perhaps I should call it, my bunny tree. But, if you didn't want to use him that way, he would be adorable on placemats to use all spring? Or a bib. Or a birth announcement:


Julie M said...

Cute Freebies! Thanks for sharing them Rachel.

Rachael xxx said...

Thanks for the link, I was after something easter!!

Pumpkin said...

He is SO cute!!!! Thanks for posting the link Rachel :o)

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