22 March 2011

A soon to be project

I think I am obsessed with Joan Elliott designs. I know I have been entranced with them lately. I have all the season fairies from when they were in Cross Stitch Collection, and all the elemental goddesses, along with the Christmas angels. I treasure them.

I pulled this one out the other day.

The Water Goddess. Isn't she gorgeous? I have been drooling over her since. I wanted to stitch her as if she was in the night time. Since there is a moon behind her and night is probably the time a water goddess would come out. I thought black first, but a couple people thought that black would be too harsh. I'd have to convert her hair to another color, and I wasn't sure what kind of a girl she should be. A red-head? Nah, that's for Fire! Blonde? Not sure on that one. So, I decided to change the fabric to one she'd fall against nicely, and would still give that nighttime feeling.

My choice:

Mystic by PTP. Do you think it will be OK? I ordered Lugana, which takes the dye a bit lighter than linen, so I'm hoping it will be a good choice. The other ones that I was looking at were more aqua and I thought that would blend in too well with her gown. I even thought of a green, so it looked like she was in a forest pool, but you'd pretty much have to see the fabric in person to choose the green, and I don't have that option right now.

I guess I'll have to have faith and check out the fabric when it gets here. If not this one, what colors would you choose to give a twilight/evening feel?


Bronzemom said...

I think this will be gorgeous!

Kathy A. said...

I think that is a lovely color choice for her. What a gorgeous design she is. I look forward to seeing your progress as you stitch away on her.

Astrid's dragon said...

That is going to be beautiful! Maybe you could add "twinkling" stars for the twilight/evening effect?

Annette B said...

Love that pattern and it should go well with that fabric.

Stitchinowl said...

Very pretty! I think your fabric choice will go well with the colors in the pattern. The piece does look challenging with all the detailwork, but that what project rotation is for!


Blu said...

I think the fabric should be perfect since it's so dark and her colours are much lighter. It's going to be spectacular!

kimstitch3 said...

Girl, I think I have to do this one. I love the colors in her dress. I am actually looking for a dress or blouse with those colors for our Easter Sunday choir this, cant wait to see you working on it

Pumpkin said...

Oh, she IS pretty! I hope the fabric isn't too dark. You definitely wouldn't want to lose her in it ;o)

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