13 March 2011

Weekend update

Are you sure we're actually having one this week?

I was so busy yesterday.

I was out of the house at 8AM for the Motor Vehicle Administration. I've been procrastinating about changing the name on my driver's license. I changed it with Social Security, which was easy peasy, in and out in 8 minutes, and with my banks, not so easy, but no biggie, but the MVA is a whole other situation. I never changed my address when I moved in with Left-brain (a long story), so I also had to prove residency, but I sucked it up and went over. It wasn't too bad, all in all. I usually look like a grimacing troll in my photos, but this time, it did not so bad (I think it was the fact that I actually had all the documents needed on the first shot). I can live with this picture.

Next stop was my mom's house. She needs some plumbing work done in her basement, and I still have some stuff down there. Mostly stash--I know, sometimes I look at this stuff and wonder how much nicer my savings account would be if I hadn't bought all that . . . or at least my footwear. So, since the stuff had to be moved in order to get the pipes, and this marriage thing is working out, I decided it. Was. Time. I got three boxes of stuff out of there yesterday. And went through some boxes of clothes I still had there. By and large the clothes are getting gotten rid of--I've gotten portly the last year or so, and, should I lose the weight, I probably won't wear the clothes, I'll just buy new ones. So, those are going to charity. My little Gus-cat helped me clean and go through boxes, though "help" is relative. While Felix sat on the steps and watched, Gus came down and, when the lids were lifted off boxes, he crawled in them. He claimed it was to make sure it was safe, but I think he was told to make sure I didn't steal anything, LOL. He rolled around on top of my charts, which did not look comfortable, but he's old enough to do what he wants to. He rubbed his face on the kits, and told me they were pretty. He then told me I was beautiful--he's a charmer, that tubby tabby of mine. I did have to cut the flattery out, though, when he chomped on my engagement ring--he does this a lot, but I don't think it's good for the gold or the diamond, or his teeth, for that matter.

When I got those boxes wrangled out to the car--how did fabric and paper and thread get so HEAVY--I had to head off to the store to find something to wear for a meeting I have tomorrow. I did find a navy suit, but now need to go over it with a lint brush--I was a bit dusty. Darn it. I also found a cute aqua, 60's-style dress that I think will be cute for Easter, so I bought that too. Left-brain is not exactly entranced with that dress, but he never knew me when I was owning the British schoolgirl look back in the mid-90s. Some cute slingbacks, a French twist, and I'll be perfectly proper for Easter dinner. LOL. I also found a very cute, butter-soft sweater which is just right for early spring, on clearance for 80% off. It felt a little wierd to spend money on clothes like this, but I needed them and it's a treat. It's OK to treat oneself occasionally.

I capped off the day with a trip to my favorite used bookstore, a place I have been going to pretty much since I was sporting tights and jumpers to my college lit classes. They have a wide selection of books, and most are $2.95. Even the large paperbacks are $4.99--that's a good savings off retail and you never know what you'll find. I love just going in there, walking around, and letting the titles catch my attention, and it doesn't hurt that I spent what I would spend on two books at Barnes and Noble, and came home with 2 bags of books.

I tried to stitch last night, but I honestly couldn't do it. The news coverage from Japan is heartbreaking. I feel so very sad for the people and they are in my prayers. We ended up switching over to "Band of Brothers," which is one of my favorite movies. I highly recommend it, even though it's a war movie and graphic. It's amazing. Even the technical parts of it are fascinating.I'm wierd in that I love the technical parts of movies better than the acting--I love seeing and learning about the details, and the dedication that takes to accomplish. I read that they made the snow they used in the Battle of the Bulge episodes out of paper, and it's just fascinates me. I can't tell it's not snow.

Today has been slow so far. I brought another two boxes from Mom's house, and I've been at work since noon. Hopefully tonight I can stitch. I'm looking forward to it.

I hope everyone else is having a great weekend.

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