01 June 2011

Are you looking for Betsy?

I know when I had my Sheepish Designs Betsy to give away, a lot of people said they had been looking for her. I wish I could have had more than one to give away, but I just had the one copy.

However, if you're looking, you don't have to pay the astronomic prices that the chart goes for on E-bay. Or wait for one to be given away. Em-lis has the charts. Apparently they negotiated with the designer's family for them. I've already sent an email about the ones I want, but this is your chance to get these charts at a reasonable price.

More proof that there is no reason to pay out the hiney for a chart. Prairie Schooler aside, these things can always be reprinted. Not copied, reprinted.

Hope this helps someone.

1 comment:

Annie said...

Well that's good news. Thanks for the tip. I always wonder why designers don't re-print the more popular designs that seem to command such high prices on e-bay.

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