01 June 2011

An illustrated post

I promised photos of my latest finish, then a WIP, a couple days ago. I finished it Sunday morning. I think it's the perfect finish for a patriotic weekend. Isn't the eagle a scream?

I have the supplies to make it into a no-sew cube. It was just too darn hot to actually finish it this weekend. It's starting to cool down, though, so, hopefully, I can get it done this weekend.

I then started a new WIP. This is the 4 Season Fatty SAL from the Sanman board. I started it Sunday, and I'm almost 3/4 of the way finished already.

It's done with Sullivan floss. For the most, the conversion is good, but, wow, is that orange ELECTRIC! I don't know if I like it. It doesn't seem to go with the rest of the colors. I know the original DMC is not that bright--it's 3340, if you want to compare. I am toying with the idea of picking it out and replacing it with a softer, darker orange, probably one of the 920s, but, considering I've been to Hancock fabrics three times in the past week to get floss (one for an exchange and a project I was converting, once for this, and once for a birthday gift), I'm going to wait a couple days.

But that just shows you, no conversion is perfect. This is why I am so adamant about, if a design is highly shaded, I stitch it in the floss they used for the model. This is particularly true for Sandy Littlejohns charts, and Stoney Creeks; Sandy uses Anchor, Stoney Creek uses DMC, even though they show the other thread lines as a choice.

It really is amazing the change that working in the office has brought to my stitching. I have pretty much abandoned having a lot of things ready for the fair this year, since I'm still getting acclimated to getting up early and having a commute. And I haven't had a lot of time to work on big projects, which is OK, I guess. I am enjoying the smaller finishes. And I do like my job. It's a challenge in that I am having to learn a new computer system, and new guidelines for doing my job, but I like a challenge, and I'm really enjoying relearning the basics of why we do what we do. I figure, if the worst thing I have to worry about my job right now is being fully awake to leave the house, that's a small price to pay for professional stability. I feel immensely blessed; for the first time in a long time, I feel like I might actually be able to start dreaming the big dreams.

I am hoping to have my computer by the end of the month. I have decided it is not a good idea for me to roll into the electronics department. I went in on Sunday just to look at the laptops. The one I chose before was $600 for the bundle. Well, I went in and fell in love with one that was $250 more than that, without all the extras. It's amazing what we can attempt to talk ourselves into. I don't even know how to work my MP3 player, nor do I have an I-tunes account, and I found myself saying, "But it has Beats audio." I mean, shouldn't I have the best? Ya know, because I want to hear my Youtube videos clearly; wouldn't want to miss a golden note of "Take Me Home Tonight", would we? I might have talked myself out of that, but I'm not sure. Left-brain doesn't even use the computer much, but his ears perked up at the mention of Beats audio, LOL.


Blu said...

Cute finish. The photobooth series is just awesome.

I'm terrible at sticking to shopping plans too! I somehow always convince myself to buy the Deluxe-With-Things-That-I-Don't-Really-Need far too easily.

ArchangelDecker said...

Love your Photobooth! I always think they are a scream. :)

Karen said...

Cute finish...and it will be cute as a cube.

Carol said...

Oh, that is the cutest piece, Rachel--you're right the eagle is a hoot, especially with Uncle Sam's hat on! Great job :)

country stitcher said...

Love your 4 season new start. I think the orange looks good. Enjoy finishing it, can't wait to see it completed. Also enjoyed the patriotic finish.
happy stitching

Pumpkin said...

Great finish Rachel! I love this series :o)

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls