15 June 2011

Checking in on a Wednesday

I hope everything is going well for everyone. So far this has been a pretty normal week in Crazyville. I don't have my car back yet, but the Cube they gave me is not too bad. I wouldn't buy one, but it wouldn't be too bad if I had to have one. Left-brain fits in it, which is something I can not say is true in my car. I can carry every day things in it--I have been to the farm stand and grocery store and the bags fit fine in the trunk--but it's not really something that you could use to carry much.

I got a wild hare up my hiney the other day and started a Christmas project. I bought the supplies at Hobby Lobby when I was there at Easter; it's a showcase towel with a design from a Leisure Arts book, Fast and Festive. I'm thinking these are Joan Elliott designs, but I'm not sure. I'm doing one with a cat on it; I thought it would be fun to use at the holidays. I think this may make it as a fair entry, but I'm not sure if I should do anything to cover up the back. I don't know if the fair people will want it covered; most people wanted, but fair judges aren't most people. Does anyone have any suggestions. Would you cover the back? I'm hoping to get it finished within a week, but, if not, then it will be put aside because I am DETERMINED to get Tai Shan finished this month.


Mother of Mayhem said...

I would cover the back, Rachel, as I think it makes a more professional appearance. I remember last year's entries seemed to all be covered, whether frame, wallhanging or other item. I look forward to seeing your work this year at the fair.

Karen in Belcamp, MD.

riona said...

I'd probably only cover the stitched portion rather than the whole towel ... and with something rather soft and thin like muslin or batiste.

Pumpkin said...

I'd just cover the stitched area but only if they don't mind it being covered up. Maybe leave it as is until after the fair and then cover it?

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