11 August 2011

I tried

I came home last night with my finished Part 2 of CItA, and went to upload the photos onto here, so I could share my progress, instead of having to just describe it, and, not only was Blogger freaking out, my computer decided that, although the Internet connection was good, it didn't want to get on the Internet. Apparently, I am not meant to share my stitching, at least not right now. ARRRRGGGHHHHHH! I hate this.

As I said, I have finished Part 2, so I started Part 3 last night. It's a much easier stitch so far; fewer specialty stitches, and no metallic. Whoot whoot. I hate that DMC metallic. A strong word, but I dislike it immensely. I like the effect, just not the delivery method.

I'm on the last day of my epic work marathon. 12 straight days of work has got me beat. I know other people do this for far longer, and, as a youngun with vet bills for three kittens and a puppy, I worked far longer stretches than this, but I'm a lot older than I used to be, so it's harder on me. But, when I was fighting to not fall back asleep this morning, I told myself I have tomorrow off, and my only tasks are to take my car for emissions testing, go to the grocery store, and relax for the rest of the weekend. One good thing, at least these extra hours have put me very close to being able to afford my computer. At least my panic attacks are for something.

I did get a lot of reading done over the time though.

Half-broke Horses has been in my "to-be-read" pile for a few months. I read The Glass Castle and found myself so angry at the parents that I gave the book away right away. And didn't regret it. But this was a much better book, with an interesting pioneer woman, Lily Casey Smith, the author's grandmother. It did help explain how the mom in the the other book got to be how she was, but I still don't want to ever read GC again.

Exes and Ohs is what I'm reading right now. The author was on an MTV reality show I never watched. I have no idea why I picked this book up, but it seemed interesting at the time. I had a few doubts about the author when I started reading her tales of dating in the big city, but, really, how could you leave a book with a line like, "It was just a few days before October 31, and none of my friends had come up with costumes yet. . . I suggested we go as a group of something. My top ideas were the Golden Girls . . . the A-Team, or Pete Wentz."(71). This in a chapter when she is questioning why she never got the memo that you're supposed to dress trampy for Halloween. It's definitely on the low-end of the memoirs I've read, and I admit, it's embarrassing to tote a book whose cover is emblazened with condoms (she has a store of Magnum condoms under her bed because she was hired to host parties for the company, and it freaks out her dates) to work, but it's actually a funny book, and I do see parts of my dating life in her stories. It's kinda nice to read that I wasn't the only one who ever went through those experiences. It's a fun, quick, summer read, perfect for August.

I'm going to try to work out this stupid computer issue, but if it doesn't work itself out soon, I sense a trip to Best Buy in my future.

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