31 August 2011

No stitching last night

I was over at my in-laws with my mom, looking at wedding photos. She has never seen the pictures, due to our computer issues. She had fun looking at them, though. We went through every shot, I found some really fun ones that weren't good enough for Facebook, but were still really good. I think I could make a whole post of getting ready. I started counting, and at one point, there were 3 bridesmaids and my other friend attempting to get me shoved into the wedding dress. I still don't know what the problem was, the dress fit, LOL.

I finished one of the ornaments for my partner for the Christmas ornament exchange. I think I am going to stitch 3 of them for her, then do 3 for myself. I Facebooked the lady who finished some ornaments for me for last Christmas and she said she'd do the finishing, so hopefully, I can have those out the door to her this weekend.

I placed the order for the JCS Halloween book. It shipped yesterday, so hopefully it will be here this weekend as well. I can't wait to see this one. From what I've been told, it's really good and I want to stitch from it!


Julie M said...

The Halloween book is indeed really good Rachel. You'll like it!

riona said...

I also ordered the Halloween book ... the cover photo contained some things that intrigued me and I am looking forward to poring over all the designs. We'll have to compare notes about our favorites once the books arrive.

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