25 August 2011

Lesson for the day

Pitbulls are not easy to stitch.

I'm almost done with my piece for Beazer, though I did have to actually use his real name in it for the sake of posterity. There is a cute little brown dog at the bottom. I decided to change it into a brown and white dog.

You would not believe the questions Left-brain and I have asked each other. Here is a sampling.

"Is Beazer's tail white or brown?"
"Brown. He has a brown tail."
"Are you sure?"
"Let me let him in." From the kitchen, "Beazer has a white tail."
"You've owned him since he was a puppy and you don't know what color tail he has? Are you serious?"

We've repeated this with his ears (he has two brown ears, we discovered), and his legs (all are white, no brown on those legs!), and his back end is brown on top, white on the bottom with a little heart-shaped spot to remind us Beazer is WUV. Unless you're his stuffed toys or a water bottle. The poor dog has been poked and inspected like a show dog. And he has tolerated it like a champ, asking only for a peanut . . . or two . . . or four. I'm hoping to have him replicated, as close as I can without going tooo far (and, basically, I'm there now), and have the piece finished by the weekend. Fortunately, the companion piece is a yellow tabby, sono changes need to be made to that. I'm glad--whew!

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Jenny said...

LOL - that's why it is great to have a black bunny - no colors to keep track of... ;-)

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