15 July 2014

Christmas In July

I took part in the Christmas in July exchange on 123stitch, and my packages came in the mail.  Val in Hawaii was my sender, and she chose a beach theme for me. I love what I got!  A pretty journal, LHN Summer by the Shore, and all the threads to stitch it, flip-flop scissor fob and needleminder, and some beach glass! I have a little collection of that now, so it was a real gift. She also sent me little dish, but I forgot to get a picture of it. And Merry Little Bird from LK, which I have been wanting for a long time.

I placed an order for my recipient, but it probably mailed off today and it has to go overseas, so probably will not get there for a few weeks. My recipient was Dalene, who I've been partnered with before, so it was cool! 

I can't wait to start the Summer by the Shore. After a Youtube tag went around about the 5 projects you wanted to start, I created an stitching bag with the 5 projects, and this is going in there.

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