03 July 2014

Stolen from Youtube . . . the Cross Stitch Tag

In the last month or so, I've gotten into the Youtube videos. The cross stitch community seems to be growing there, and it's actually pretty interesting. They keep asking stitchers to make videos. I am very tempted, now more than ever because . . . after seven years with my flip phone, I dropped it on the floor just right last month and broke it, so I finally joined the 21st century and bought the new Samsung Galaxy (I figured, if it took me this long to catch up, I might as well get the latest and greatest, but it has been kind of weird. It's like handing me the keys to a new Jag after I've driven a hoopty with no air conditioning or stereo for years. I'm not sure I'm worthy, but I appreciate it). So I have video capability, just not sure I'm brave enough.

But one of the cool things that has gone around is the Cross Stitch Tag. And I like those videos, but since I am too chicken to venture out there, not so much here, I thought I'd bring it to the blogosphere. I'll put the questions out today, and I tag ANYONE to put this in their own blog and answer the questions. I'll try to answer them this weekend for you, and post.

Question 1: How did you start? Who introduced you to cross stitching?

Question 2: Favorite theme or designer?

Question 3: What brand of floss do you use?

Question 4: What is your fabric of choice?

Question 5: Do you use a needle threader or are you a floss licker?

Question 6: What brand of stitching frame (or hoop or otherwise holder) do you use?

Question 7: How many projects have you finished?

Question 8: How many completed works are hanging in your house?

Question 9: Do you stitch for gifts or keep for yourself?

Question 10: Favorite finished stitched piece?

Question 11: Worst experience while stitching?

Question 12: What do you love and hate about cross stitch?

Question 13: Have you introduced anyone else to cross stitch

Question 14: The first project, did you finish it?

Question 15: How do you store your floss?

If you want to share pictures, please do so!

And, for anyone remotely in the path of Arthur, please be safe this weekend. To everyone else, happy July 4th.


Lizette Morales said...

I have answer all your questions my blog is thank you for taking your time to go see!!!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'll be doing this in the near future! Thanks for sharing the idea!

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