07 July 2014

My answers to the cross stitch tag!

Question 1: How did you start? Who introduced you to cross stitching?

My brother and mom stitched. My mom would stitch lovely TIAG designs on vacation when I was a kid, and I wanted to learn, but Mom hesitated to teach me because my kindergarten teacher told her that I lacked fine motor skills (um, no, I was a leftie, and probably had a touch of ADHD. I couldn't write well because I couldn't curve my hand around the sheet of paper the way they wanted you to, and anyone who ever tried the leftie scissors that they had us use back then knows they wouldn't cut soft butter, let alone construction paper.) But I pestered, and, in 1989, Mom and my brother brought home a no-count kit for me, and then, in 1990, on the day that Iraq invaded Kuwait (the last day of our vacation that year), Mom and my aunt went to the LNS in Virginia Beach and brought me home a little counted kit, and that was the start. My brother really taught me how to stitch though.
 I stitched through high school, took a break in college, maybe did one project a year (I was more into college basketball and theatre stuff back then. A makeup room is not a place for stitching, and I was always taking American lit classes, so a lot of my downtime was spent researching). When I graduated and had a job and money, I got back into the hobby.

Question 2: Favorite theme or designer?

Not a favorite designer, but I love patriotic sheep, cats, horses, and nautical-themed designs. Black cats are one of my favorites!

Question 3: What brand of floss do you use?

DMC. It's affordable and available.

Question 4: What is your fabric of choice?

Cashel linen is my favorite, but I usually stitch with Jobelan, 16 count aida, or Monaco. 

Question 5: Do you use a needle threader or are you a floss licker?

Floss licker all the way!

Question 6: What brand of stitching frame (or hoop or otherwise holder) do you use?

Mostly hoops or Q-snaps. I bought a set of Michaels brand Q-snaps earlier this year and don't like them as much as the original. I have a stitching frame, but I don't use it much.

Question 7: How many projects have you finished? Hundreds. I've been stitching for 25 years.

Question 8: How many completed works are hanging in your house?

In this house, 2. I don't get a lot of things framed, but DH has hung the lions from my 2009 fair finishes in our bedroom. And our foyer has one of my lighthouse finishes. I also don't like keeping things up out of season.

Question 9: Do you stitch for gifts or keep for yourself?

I keep for myself. People in my life appreciate my work, but I really keep most of it for myself.

Question 10: Favorite finished stitched piece?

This one.

I just think she is lovely.

Question 11: Worst experience while stitching?

Round Robins. I don't do them anymore. I have always ended up having things get delayed. The second (and last one), I ended up having to announce, on 123stitch, that, since I didn't get it back, I had no problem taking a day off work and going up to the county the person who had it lived in and filing charges with the police. It mysteriously ended up being returned that same week. I have also had issues with sending a pattern, and floss off around the world, as a travelling stitch. Someone kept the chart and the silk floss. I know it was out of my hands, but, seriously?

Question 12: What do you love and hate about cross stitch?

I hate kitting up.

I love that we create art with dimension and light and movement out of thread.

Question 13: Have you introduced anyone else to cross stitch

I've tried, I've taught people. No one kept it up. A former friend started out liking it, and then got ashamed of enjoying it because her pseudo-boyfriend said it was an old lady craft.  Not only did she not keep up with the stitching, he ditched her, and I got tired of being around someone who was more concerned about "the public image" than figuring out who she was as a person.

Question 14: The first project, did you finish it?


Question 15: How do you store your floss?

Mostly on bobbins, but I have a large bin I keep the loose floss in, and also have a bunch of Jammer boxes.

If you have some time, I'd love to see your responses to this tag!


Abbie Jean said...

Hi Rachel! Enjoyed reading the responses to your tag. Will do it on my blog too. :)

Abbie Jean said...

Got 'em posted and answered. :)

Shebafudge said...

I'm going to answer your tag, but it might take me a few days to get it done. :)

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls