23 February 2008

Bought the floss for SOHRH

I went out at lunch yesterday and bought the floss. I bought DMC floss, because, well, the fabric is expensive, I just bought a bunch of stuff, and, frankly, I am too cheap to spend for the silk floss. HOHRH turned out pretty darn great with the DMC, so I am not worried about this. I am just hoping I picked the right fabric. I bought something called French Vanilla Swirl: . It looked good in the picture. I am bummed that Dower Legacy Linen doesn't come in a good color for this piece, cause that was great linen. Oh, well, can't have it all.

I have a suspicion I will have to do a lot of custom converting on this. I know that CHS does a great job converting to DMC, but there are some that are a little "off". I know that DMC 927 was listed as a blue and a pale jade green. Hrrrh? So I pulled DMC 772 for that section. But I also got 469-472 as well, just in case. And they had another funky color as a dark blue. I pulled 924 as well. 924 is a dark blue, if nothing else, that is a dark Williamsburg blue.

I am really customizing this one. So far I have decided that I am switching the wording on the center square and the house square. It just makes sense. And then flipping 12 and 8, and 1 and 11. And then altering the wording on the memorial square. I guess if I am going to do that, I should start looking for some sort of appropriate quote, shouldn't I? I think it is going to look good like that. There should be a balance of color, the verse would flow as:

"Beneath the blue of Heaven's dome, Lies the sea that fish call home, The moon above will guide my love, while he's far away from me, I'll wait for thee, my love at sea, Light the way, come what may."

That would sound good, right.

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Pumpkin said...

Oh, I'm anxious to see the changes you'll be making :o) That is a lovely flowing verse.

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