18 February 2008

Good stitchy mail

I got home last night and these ( ) were in my livingroom. Aren't they adorable? I looked the pattern over and it doesn't seem devastatingly hard. The finishing, though, is beyond my skillset, so I am gonna take everything over to my LNS and have them finish everything. I think that is the best idea because why put all that work into the piece and then screw it up in the finishing? It is over one, though, so it might take a while to do.

I also got my box from Lena Rose. Someone on a board mentioned that Designs by Lena Rose was going out of business and was offering grab bags. I am like a fat girl on a Cheetoh about grab bags. I always have been. They were $15. Well, I spend $15 on nonsense, so $15 on stash is nothing! And that was a well-spent $15. There were several good charts I like, plus some I can sell (we are getting closer to a new computer, Dell has them on sale for $600, so I can get selling), but there was ALL KIND of fabric and specialty threads in there, plus little Mill Hill kits. We are talking Kreinek, Rainbow Gallery, Weeks, perle cotton, I mean GORGEOUS stuff. I got a nice big piece of green aida, and not a crappy green. This was a green you could stitch bunnies on or chickens. And a roll of white aida. If nothing else, I can dye that.

I've been itching to dye fabric again ever since I got my box of dyes out the other week. I have to find my instructions, but I want to do some more. I love doing it, it really is creating art. I finally have good dyes now. I was thinking of doing a piece for a beach scene, and maybe a peacock color. And the surprise element too, because you never know how it will turn out til it is finished. So, I plan on doing that really soon. Maybe Wednesday, since I am off that day.


Pumpkin said...

Stash is ALWAYS good ;o) I saw those grab bags but I think I remember her saying she was only selling in the US :o( Glad it was worth it!

Chiloe said...

Jeeeeeez , I really need to call my sister in law NOW (except with the time diference she's sleeping and won't appreciate it ! lol) I bought one myself and don't know what is in :) because as I don't live in the US anymore, I couldn't have it shipped directly to me ! DO you have picture of what you got so I could drool ? lol

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