13 February 2008

Ice-covered, but here

We had a nasty ice storm last night, but I managed to get to work this morning. We started work late because of the weather, but since I was there, I decided to use the time to do my Valentines. I decided that, money being tight and SO being hard to shop for (he wanted hard candy), I would make him a bouquet from lollipops. And then I bought too many and decided that my parents needed one too. So we went over to Michael's and I picked out two votive holders and floral foam. I put sweet-tarts around the foam in Mom and Dad's and tied a ribbon around it. SO's just has a little heart charm. I have to say they are both really cute. Considering I have no flower arranging skills, I did good. I hope SO likes it. I bought him a stuffed animal, too, and two cards, one funny, one kinda cute.

Oh, and I found the coolest velvet covered candy box for that 1995 Cross stitch and country crafts magazine with the candy box. And the chocolate is good. Of course I had to eat it. I have a box for SO, this is for me!

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Pumpkin said...

That sounds really nice :o) One of our first years together I made DH a bouquet of flowers with homemade chocolate lollipops. It was fun making the gift.

We had lots of snow and now it's rain. Should be interesting tomorrow!

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