15 February 2008

My goodies are shipping, my goodies are shipping

I am starting to get the notices that things are shipping out to me. Yay! I should have my turtles this weekend. Yippee. I love those turtles. They would be so cute in my craft room, in a tiny little basket.

I have decided my craft room/our guest room is going to be decorated in a beach motif. I have not told SO this yet, but he said I could do whatever I want with it, and that is whatever I want. I have some nautical-themed stitching, and Shores of Hawks Run Hollow would go great in there--changing that one square that refers to the dead guy. He has the living room decorated with lighthouses (but not in a tacky way), and we do live in Maryland, and I have always loved the water, so this is a great way to tie it all together, and I am sure I can find a few nice pieces so it doesn't feel like a sewing room for when our guests visit. It would just be a matter of decided if we want to stick with sheers for the window to keep it airy, or try to find something a little heavier. I can see doing both, especially because we have that Dazor lamp, and the room faces west, so I am terrified that the magnifier will start a fire when we aren't there because we didn't put it out of the light far enough (Yes, I am a little paranoid). But wouldn't it be so nice to have a room that is just like the beach, with silvery blues, and sandy beiges, with photos of the seashore, and some stitching to come home to after a crappy day at work? Just like being on the beach, but without the sand flies. I could even put my little box of shark teeth I collected out, since they are one of my treasures.

Even my little turtles would fit in. They aren't sea turtles, but who's gonna know the difference?


Jennifer said...

I've seen some lamps that have a bag over the magnifier - maybe you could make a bag or a sleeve to cover the lamp when it's not in use?

You may be interested in the MD Lighthouse Challenge. DH and I do three challenges every year - Long Island, NJ and MD.

Long Island Challenge

New Jersey Lighthouse Challenge

Maryland Lighthouse Challenge

Pumpkin said...

That's a great idea Rachel! I would love to have a room decorated like that :o) It would be very relaxing.

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