08 October 2008

I cancelled my SNN subscription

I've been toying with the idea for a few weeks. I've been getting them since 2005, and I think I have maybe finished 4. That's 32 kits sitting around this house, and I maybe want to stitch 15 of them. That leaves 17 kits (at a total of $297.50--paid in cash, thank GOD) that I have and don't really want, and mostly can't find, and I could have had that money to pay for something else, even other stash to do stuff I really want to finish. I could kick myself. If I find them, I am getting rid of them. Even if I have sell at a loss.

I like the idea of the kits. They're cute. I've learned a lot about using specialty fibers by doing them. But sometimes that's not enough. When I started getting them, gas was $1 a gallon cheaper, my car was cheaper, and I wasn't trying to get out of debt. Now it costs $38 to fill the tank, I have a higher carpayment, and I'm tired of being in debt.

I am seriously trying to cut back on spending. I find I enjoy playing with my cart on 123 better than getting the stuff. Maybe the anticipation. Is that nuts? I used to order from Needlecraft Corner every month. I cut back there; I haven't ordered from her since June, I think? I did go a little overboard at the LNS around fair time, but I'm gonna slip. I'm human.

I am trying to look at losing my car and buying the new one as a wake-up call and a chance to start fresh and better. It has to be. I had already started seriously working to pay down my debt, but this is more of a push. I got enough of a settlement to pay off one credit card (no more drooling over the Kitchen-Aid mixers at Lowes, sigh). I don't have a car payment for 45 days, so I can take the money I would have paid on the Neon this month and put it towards the next smallest CC. I plan on taking the extra money I saved by switching my car out, along with a rebate I get from another CC for buying a car (whoda thunk: save money by going into debt) and paying off the card I put the Neon payment on. It seems do-able. It seems reasonable. Then I can start putting big payments on the Vibe and get that paid off early.


Mom said...

Good for you, Rachel. Make a plan, then work it! Stitching from stash while paying off your debt will result in 2 accomplishments-finishing some UFO's that might not have seen the light of day for a while and the satisfaction of seeing that debt disappear! Keep up the good work! Teresa S.

Teresa S. said...

Good for you, Rachel! I'm impressed with your determination and plan!

Meari said...

I'm with you on getting out of debt. I'm pretty lucky.... I don't have a car payment, but do have a house payment and a couple of credit cards. Slow and steady wins the race. If I have my way, I'll be out of debt (except for house) in less than 2 years. Good luck!

Pumpkin said...

Good for you! That would be a hard thing to do but like you said, if you're not going to stitch all of them, that's A LOT of money :oS Maybe you should try selling them.

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