29 October 2008

Oops packs

Oops packs can be purchased here . You do have to do a control+F move for them, but they are there, and she had SUPERFAST shipping. I started buying them at the CATS shows a couple years ago, and they really are fun. WAY better than a chart grab bag. And Jo is really nice. I actually got introduced to her at last year's CATS by my friend, Chris. Apparently, a lot of people thought I was invisible, but now I've been introduced, and I am not.

I have yet to use these threads. But, I mean, with all the dyers who aren't in business, and how pretty the threads are, it's more fun to just have them and keep them, LOL. But they will be pretty in my Quaker Seasons. I am picking out what I want to use. And I may break down and mix silks and cottons. This is a huge step for me, LOL.


Suzanne said...

I'll have to check these out! I love having pretty fibers too...but I'm always afraid that as soon as I use them, I'll find the perfect thing that I should have used them on...LOL


Pumpkin said...

Thanks for the link Rachel! I really shouldn't have asked ;o)

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