21 September 2010

A new start

I started a new start last night. HTB was at the tractor pull with his cousin and so it was just the dog and I at home, watching TV. It's my Samhain exchange piece. I think it will stitch up pretty quick. So far, so good. I switched out the colors for HDF colors, still have to find a good green to use. Then I'll have to figure out which of my fabrics to use. The ornament has a vintage-y feel, so I want the right fabric. Hopefully, later this week, I'll have a night o' stuffing.

It's nice to have a quiet-ish week this week. Last week was all cleaning and getting ready for my bridal shower. Best Friend B had fun. They wrote all over my car in paint pen--that pen people write the price of their cars in when they want to sell them--which was cute. We played a "how well do you know them?" trivia contest. My favorite question was, "Does Rachel think HTB will cry at the wedding?"; of course I said, "yes." I got lovely gifts--my Kitchenaid stand mixer and a really cool knife block to replace the one that does not match our kitchen were big hits with HTB. My mom got us a lovely picture to hang, B bought us Tevis tumblers, and I got a recipe box, among other things. The weather was nice. All in all, it was fun!

I went and had my hair done as a trial run on Saturday morning. I brought a picture, and we used that as a base point. I also sported my "princess on the downlow" headband, which can also be worn as a tiara; I think we all need a headband that converts to a tiara. I'm trying to decide if I look more Jane Austen or Victorian. Probably Victorian; everyone in Jane Austen was stick thin, and I'm, erm, not . . .

Who knows what I was laughing at. Probably one of my cousin's stories. She teaches elementary school. Kindergarten. She greets her job with humor and fun, and it shows in her stories. She said she already has a love triangle which will probably cause great stress. And that she has had to tell a child that choosing the color crayon to use is not a major life decision. Of course, she tells the stories a lot funnier than I do! And she had to bring the photo from her wedding, 30 years ago, where my brother cut my hair. I had super short bangs. My brother was in trouble!

I need these moments. The wedding is three and a half weeks away. Right now is a lot of picking up last loose details. I bought the cake topper and guest book today. The guest book is chocolate-brown satin. Maybe not the most bridal idea, but it's fall-like and pretty. The cake topper mirrors the shape of the calla lilies for our cake, but it's not matchy matchy, it's not frou-frou, it's "me!"

I did decide what I will start calling HTB when I mention him. His new name is "Left Brain," in honor of Jeanne Roberts, who calls her husband the same. Jeanne and I approach life in very similar fashion, with humor, and our mates seem to be the same way, both very practical, left-brain thinking. I need his think it throughness, especially when I run around, shouting and waving my arms. So I won't be mocking HTB, I'll be appreciating him.


Bette said...

You look beautiful and so happy. And just keeping telling yourself "this too shall pass" when it gets too stressful

Andrea said...

You are SO cute in that picture! And you look so're going to be a gorgeous bride!

Julie M said...

I don't know what you were laughing at Rachel but you sure look happy!! Your hair looks beautiful!

MsB said...

Radiant Rachel... no downlow that day... you will be an out right loud and beautiful princess!!

wub u! :)

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls