28 February 2011

At long last, the Betsy PIF

I promised to do this a few weeks ago, so I'm offering it up now. Here is your chance to stitch our gal, Betsy, by Sheepish Designs. Our home is pet-ful (I guess that's the opposite of pet-free), but I don't recall him showing any interest in this chart. If you would like to stitch it, here are "the rules":

1. To enter, please leave your name and email address in a comment on this post. Tell me why you want to stitch this chart.

2. This is a used chart. I wish I had a pristine copy of it, but I don't. Please understand what you are getting. You can still stitch from it just fine--after all, I did the bulk of my stitching from this chart in this condition--but it's not perfect.

3. You may not sell this chart. I don't think that's too much to ask. I paid $8 for it, and I'm giving it away. Please do the same, through a PIF when you're finished.

I will take comments through midnight, US Eastern time, on Friday, March 4. I'll announce the winner on Sunday, March 6, sometime in the afternoon.

Good luck.


Mother of Mayhem said...

Dear Rachel:
Please enter me in the PIF for the Betsy chart. I love that the chart is sweetly primitive and patriotic. I have been trying to find the pattern for purchase with no luck! I can't think of any other reason for you to send it to me except that I will gladly give it to someone else when I am finished. Plus, I live in Maryland, too, so it would save postage to send it me - LOL!
Please keep stitching - I love seeing all of your work unfold throughout the months. Karen K. in MD.

April Mechelle said...

Rachel, I would love to be able to stitch Betsy! I do not have much of America or patriotic stitching. I love sheep and I love that Besty is sewing that flag!! I would also pass this chart on to someone else for their pleasure. I Hope the chart can come to stay for awhile in the fur-home. lol

Deborah said...

I have wanted to do this design for years! I have tried to buy it on e-bay to no avail. I have begged people for this design to no avail. Of course, I would drop what I am stitching to do this design and will PIF very quickly. I would greatly appreciate the chance of having this design. Thanks. Deborah

Natasha said...

I have searching for this for years with no luck. And when I saw your progress on her I got so excited and then to hear you were going PIF.. Yiipppeee. I hope to one day have a WHOLE wall full of stitched patriotic theamed pieces so I think she would be the perfect addition. And of course I would PIF after I was finished. Thank you so much for kindly passing this on to another stitcher. XXFINGERSXX crossed that I win :)

Carol said...

Hi Rachel! When I first saw you working on Betsy, I fell in love with her (and those sweet sheep). I've never stitched a Sheepish Design before and think this would be a great way to start. I've always made it my policy to PIF on any chart I have been lucky enough to have had passed along to me (in fact I'm having one on my blog right now if you're interested!). I think that is half the fun--sharing in another stitcher's pleasure :)

Thanks for the chance!

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