28 February 2011

Icy's Kingdom, revisited

Here is the progress I've made on Kingdom of the Ice Dragon. Please click for better viewing, this little view doesn't really show it well:

It's coming along. I'm battling with the rayon threads. They seem to win the battles, but I may win the war. I am a little worried that I'll need more than one skein of Marlitt 800, because I seem to be using a lot of it quickly. I may have to see if I can order more; hopefully, it's still available.


riona said...

According to the folks at 123stitch, #800 has been discontinued.

I found almost immediately that 1 strand of the Marlitt gave me good coverage on 28 ct linen ... are you using one strand or two? If you are using 2, that would account for the rapidity with which your Matlitt is being used up.

Nice progress on the piece ... I posted photos on Sunday night of my own progress on our little SAL. I seem to be obssesed with the thing and have been stitching it to the exclusion of all my WIPs.

Crystal said...

Lovely progress.

Pumpkin said...

Love the bling :o)

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