27 February 2011

Frosty in all his glory

Here he is. He's cute, if I do say so myself. Maybe not a finish worth waiting 6 years for, but he's a cutie patootie.

I'm hard at work on Icy. Today was a fill-in day, I'm fillin' in trees, and his wings. I worked a little bit on the latest LHN ornament at work yesterday (it was Opening night for our new show at the theatre, and, therefore, not the day to be working on anything intricate like Icy; he is easier to work on when the only distractions are the dog showing me his toy, Left-brain being Left-brained, or the TV), but I didn't have the two colors that are most prominent in the center, so had to wait til I could get home to dig through the giant tub o' thread. I did have them, though, and I have all I need to work on this very cute ornament. I will post a photo when I get enough progress to be proud of.


Crystal said...

He did turn out very cute, congrats on the finish.

Stitchinowl said...

Your Frosty finish is so darn cute! The colors really pop on the fabric. What color fabric did you use?

Pumpkin said...

LOVE HIM! He's SO cute :o) I should dig mine out and start him. Actually, I should check to see if I have the fabric :oS

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