14 February 2011

Picture update

Left brain fixed the computer. He's a smart man, that husband of mine. This is why he and I work so well: while I'm running around, crying, he's trying to fix the problem, and I know to stay away.

I did work on some projects this weekend.

I picked up LK Official Snow Guide. After I put aside the idea of making it more realistic by saying, "2 inches, run amok, 4 inches, panic, 6 inches, tell the whole world you're sick of snow, 8 inches, abandon all hope", I worked on it. I am doing my own color changes on it, because I didn't like just using the two shades of blue. I am going to buy the buttons, as soon as I figure out which ones I need (LK didn't put the product numbers on the chart).

And more dragon progress. I'm all the way over to the other side now. And it will meet in the middle. I even covered the hole, and you can't see it. Woo hoo!

Hoping everyone is having a nice holiday. We're eating leftover Chinese food and watching Shawshank Redemption. Romance is real!

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