02 February 2011

Sooo . . . I got thinking

It's been pretty quiet around here the last couple days. Well, if you excuse CaesarBeazer's snoring--that dog has some serious septum deviation issues. Times like these, I get to thinking.

Everyone talks about their stash piles, or to do piles. I always get an image of a giant pile of charts or kits next to a stitcher's chair. I know it's probably not really like that for most of us, since charts are slippery and you couldn't really have a big pile, or they'd topple, and, if it's like this house, the dog would end up walking on them. And I hate when the dog does that. I mean, really, is all our stash a "to-do" pile and we just keep our "pile" in binders, totes, boxes and the like?

Is every project you buy one you intend to stitch and will get to as soon as possible, when you're done this project, or when you know someone with a baby, when you go to the beach, or after the holidays? I know I fully intend to stitch every chart I own . . . at least when I purchase it. I know now I won't possibly stitch all this stuff, I could stop buying new charts all together, stitch for 50 years and still have things left. I am starting to consider myself a collector now; it sounds a little better than "chart hoarder", don't you think?

I don't know, I just got to thinking about it, especially since, despite my best efforts, a lot of my stash is still not as organized as I need it to be. I was pulling stuff today to work on as I finish WIPs and my Crazy January projects, and it was kind of a pain. Though I will say, I found all the stuff I need for a project that got separated, which I've been looking for a few months, so that was a score. I pulled a bunch of charts, most of them smalls, and I put them in a sewing basket I bought on Ebay several years ago. For now, that's my "to-do" pile. At least this way, the pile won't topple over. I'll see how it works.


Crystal said...

I'm the same as you my to do pile is limited to a large antique wicker picnic basket. I like the term collector as well, doesn't make it sound like we have issues that need to be dealt with.

Pumpkin said...

I have TONS of charts but I'd say that I really want to stitch 90% of them :o) The majority of the time now I'll buy all the required supplies to go with the pattern so that way I'm prepared.

mbroider said...

I can understand what you are saying. My stash is all in my closet, and more often than not what i need is always at the bottom of the pile. I am yet to get an armoire or similar for my stash (not yet been able to convince my husband, oops), so most of the stuff is there somewhere in my closet.

My kits are kind of better manageable, they are in not-so-neat stacks. It is the floss, ribbon, the page i had printed out that tell me i am not managing my precious treasures well.

I have not got this toppling issue yet, but i go through quite a bit of French words when i am looking for something.

Kathy A. said...

Just too funny. I am officially a collector now too! But I'm ok with that. Welcome to the collectorhood lol!

Jennifer said...

I usually have a specific purpose in mind when I purchase a chart now, and like Pumpkin, I'll tend to buy the supplies - especially the fabric - when I purchase the chart. So yes, I have more than my fair share of charts kitted up.

I like to "wish list" most things - it's a way of cheating at shopping. For some strange reason, I feel like if it's on my wishlist, it's okay. I don't need to buy it RIGHT NOW. There are a few pieces that I must have right now, though they are usually the ones I am stitching for a specific purpose.

I try to limit myself to what really, really appeals to me so I don't overwhelm myself, and I try to think the project all the way through finishing and displaying now so I don't add to my massive pile of unfinished finishes.

And I highly recommend underbed storage boxes for chart storage.

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