31 January 2012

Jammer boxes--an explanation

I got a few questions in regard to my Jammer box post the other day. I didn't realize the whole world hadn't gotten swept up in the frenzy around them that developed in the spring of 2007, when I got mine.

This is a Jammer box next to a regular bobbin box for size comparison:

They sold them in Walmart. Not in the craft section. In the toy section. They were designed to hold the little metal cars. Apparently they didn't sell well as that function, but leave it to a stitcher to figure out that, stood on end, wound bobbins of floss fit in there.

People said it held a whole set of DMC. They are double-sided, so this is possible. Maybe one day, I'll get organized enough to try it. It would make it easier to travel.

I keep my hand-dyeds in one. Except Crescent Colours. Those get their own box. They're my favorite. Though a favorite would be hard to choose with all these colors.

The Joann boxes are as close as I've seen to the Walmart boxes. I am hopeful they will work as well. They, of course, are already sold out (you know someone at the company is asking what caused the demand to rise and is really confused). If I see more, I will post. They're a good investment at the price.

I pulled this out this morning to work on today, while I'm waiting for February. Last night, I worked on Summer Ball, but I realized that isn't really easy to work on on lunch, so I got this one.

This is Heart of America, by Little House Needleworks. All I had done was the "T". I think the fabric was what stopped me on this one. It's Wichelt that I had in a bin and I liked the color, but I really don't like Wichelt linen--it's too skimpy and I've been accused of carrying threads because you can see through it. I don't carry thrat and I hold a grudge against the fabric for that reason. But, it's here, it needs to be used, and I don't feel like starting over, so I'm using it.

So that's all for tonight. If you see any Jammer boxes, or whatever they're called, pick them up and see if they work for you.


Natasha said...

I never realized the jammer box was that much larger that the regular bobbin box, WOW. I picked up two bobbin boxes a few weeks ago to finally wind my DMC. I love seeing it all neatly orignized by number.

I look forward to seeing your progress on Heart of America. Have a great night.

Pumpkin said...

Gee, they are definitely bigger than the regular floss boxes for sure!

Nice start Rachel! I wouldn't worry about carrying threads if you're not going to put it in a competition. I really like the color of the fabric myself :o)

Nancy said...

Nice start on Heart of America!

Meari said...

So you wound your hand-dyeds on bobbins? How did you label the bobbins?

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