24 April 2012

Oh dear

I was posting last night with low blood sugar. I apologize now for some of the things I wrote. Trust me, they made sense in my head at the time.  Apparently low normal blood sugar makes me post like a drunk woman. Ooops. 

What I meant to say was that I worked on the edge of that section of Summer Ball to try to get it finished, so that it's complete the whole way up and all I have to do is fill in. I tried, but I didn't get it accomplished. I did get the blue girl's dress finished though. I think that makes 4 people who are now completely intact in the ballroom. And I almost have Seth Rogan/soldier guy complete, so that will be 5. Woo hoo.

And I'll try to get a better shot of Arab. He is beautiful in person

I was also introduced to the new Blogger last night. Not sure if I like it too much yet. I know it will be a learning curve to figure it out. It's made some grammatical issues. I'm going to go in and fix that. Sorry.

Our plans for how to rearrange our house for Babygirl have taken a bit of a change. Left-brain realized it would be A LOT of work to empty the office, break down our gym, move the office downstairs, and then clean and paint in the office for her. So, he asked if I wanted to move my stitching stuff into that room, along with the dreaded couch, use that as a guest room/storage room/stitching room/office, and put Kaydence in my stitching room. While I don't really like the idea of losing that space, it's what is best for the family, and it works better. My little room is in the center of the house, gets good natural light and is warmer, so I won't have to worry she will be cold. The office is colder and this was a concern to me. Plus, whoever had the house before put closet systems in the master and the office, but not in the sewing room, so the closet didn't work for me. And it has been kind of funny to go in and see all these tiny little clothes hanging in this big closet with my wedding dress. So she gets a Kaydence-sized closet and I get a Mummy-sized closet. One thing,  Left-brain wants to stack coolers in the corner of the office. I told him that I would pay for a shed so that I don't have to see those--even that works out better because, for the price of the shed, I get an empty garage since all Left-brain's stuff (like the tires for vehicles we don't own anymore, and, in the case of the 1993 Pontiac Firebird he traded for a paint job for another job, won't be purchasing again)would go out there, and all the random boxes of stuff that are the plague of my existence go out in the garage. I'm not even worried about the Christmas decorations getting hot in there, because we installed an energy-efficient garage door two years ago, and it doesn't get hot in the garage anymore. So, I'm OK with all that. Hopefully, by giving a little, I get a lot more in the end. I  


Astrid's dragon said...

Keep on stitching, you won't have time later!

Totally understand about rearranging rooms for a nursery, we had to do the same thing. Now we have totally outgrown our house and are ready for the next step. It will all be worth it, how exciting!

Meari said...

Looking forward to seeing your progress on the ball.

A shed sounds like a good idea to me!

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls