30 April 2012

Blues and Bunnies

This is a picture of my Rabbit Alphabet WIP. I have worked on it a little more since this picture was taken and am enjoying it immensely. Particularly on this natural MCG Textiles linen. It works very well for this piece as the linen is particularly schlubby, and the elegance of the needlework against the coarseness of the fabric, which is also thick and another reason to love it, is perfect. It gives it a beachy, summery feel.

One warning I need to issue because I know a couple of people who want to stitch this. If you haven't picked out your floss, make sure you get enough. I have gone through at least 3 lengths of floss, and I'm not halfway through.  If you're shopping, go for 10 yards, or, to be safe, go for 15.  No one ever regretted having more than enough floss.

I may be tempted on this chart to restitch it. I never do that, I can count on one hand the number of times I have restitched a chart, but I might do it with this one. Why? Because I thought of another color combination that would be stunning. What do you think of a sunny yellow fabric, with navy blue over-dyed floss, and white bunnies? Very south of France, I think? Les lapins Nicoise?  I am going to have to think this one through, but won't be starting on it anytime soon.

That is all for this evening. I have some finishing to do tomorrow night, but will try to post pictures. I know I owe some photos of HoA, and will post those, but for now I'm off to hard-boil some eggs, my go-to breakfast these days.


Annie said...

I just saw that chart for sale somewhere. I had never seen it before and really fell in love with it, but I don't ever stitch such large pieces.

Love your floss and fabric. I've never tried MCG. You are the first person I've seen who has had something nice to say about that fabric so maybe I'll give it a try!

stitcheranon said...

I agree, that fabric is perfect. Very lovely.

riona said...

Your Rabbit Alphabet sampler is lovely and I do like your idea for the second colorway. I have a few charts that I have restitched exactly as charted but they are usually smalls that I used for exchanges. But I do know what you mean about occasionally restitching a larger chart: there is one lovely free chart of a young witch with streaming hair [alas, which has since been withdrawn from the Stitching the Night Away website] that I want to restitch with darker hair and deep green tones in the clothing rather than the blonde hair/red dress that was charted. It was very pretty in that original colorway and I gave the piece to my daughter. Still, I'd like to stitch it myself in my chosen colorway.

Carol said...

Oh, dear! Another rabbit design--I'm in trouble. That is going to be adorable--such pretty colors you're using, too, Rachel!

Jenny said...

Wow, that is one adorable sampler! Can't wait to see your progress on it. Also, thanks so much for the tips in regards to floss consumption - I am a big fan of bloggers sharing their advice on the net; very handy indeed!
Have fun stitching!

Mother of Mayhem said...

Hi Rachel,
I am stitching Rabbit with CC House Wine on baby lotion pink linen and it does use a lot of floss. I bought 5 skeins of it and am already on my 4th with about 1/8 left to stitch. Have you noticed the errors in the chart? The second small rabbit in the first row did not have an eye. In the floral row next to the "R", the first flower is not like the others. I like the color scheme a lot. I think the French version of it you were describing would be beautiful.

Karen in Maryland

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