28 February 2007

Bugger, bugger bugger

I settled in Sunday for a full day of stitching. It snowed, and I had worked so hard to clean up the livingroom and to get my car cleaned out and washed (one of the best reasons to pay off my credit cards is to no longer purchase clutter-y items), that I felt like I deserved it.

So I settled down with my Warm Water Wash, got to working on the sand at the bottom, and, as I periodically do to make sure that I am aligned, I counted. I was off by one stitch in the clothesline between the hat and the bathing suit, so I had to pick out the hat, the shorts, and part of the beach towel. And you best believe I kept all the thread I picked out, LOL. If it was DMC, it would have been different, but Crescent Colors are expensive, and I have to drive a while, or order it, so this cookie saved it. Since I don't plan on this being THE defining cross stitch piece of my life, I think it will be OK. At least John understood the need to pick it out. Most people just say fudge it. I don't like that.

We are having a get-together at the Woodlawn show on Saturday. I do not have high hopes, but I can try, right? I want John to go see my work, and he wants to go, I think he wanted to go with me on Saturday with his mom, but I figure, if we are working on fixing things, it might not be a good idea to put him in the mix of all these stitchers in purple, some of whom have been hearing about him for a while. So we will try to go down another week.

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