15 February 2007

Prepping for the Nashville sale

OK, after this, I can not spend excessive amounts of money on cross stitch. I have so much stuff to finish, it is not even funny. But I can't not get anything new when it's the Nashville sale. I did order the new Prairie Schoolers. I look at these as more of an investment than something I will stitch. I like having all the charts I love and I really liked the new one. I have a thing for bunnies!

I didn't get to stitch today. The car developed a vibration yesterday. I was worried that it was a major issue, but it seems to be just a chunk of ice on the axles. Anyway, it was time to get the oil changed in the car, so I took it over. At least one of the chunks of ice dislodged itself on the way over or back, so this is good. I was whacking on that chunk of ice but good. So I didn't get a chance to stitch at lunch.

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