28 November 2007

A Dilemma

I was cleaning and sorting in boxes last night and found a problem. At some point, I had taken Stoney Creek's Babes of the Woods to Michaels and bought floss for one of the designs in it (I am thinking it was a fox cub design, but can't be sure). Now, two years or so later, I have no idea what I bought all that floss for. And that annoys me. I am pretty sure I bought it for something, but I decided that, since I am sending my friend in England some floss, I would include this. But I sure do wish I knew what I bought it for.

I finished Winter's Delight last night. I have to wash it still, and I have to order that charm. Fortunately, I emailed By Jupiter and they said they would sell me one. Which I am really happy about. It was not that I couldn't have used another charm, they just weren't "right" and I want this to be perfect. So I have that to order.

I started the Midsummer Night Designs Monkey Sampler this morning. I am really loving the colors.

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Pumpkin said...

Ah yes! The mystery floss, fabric or embellishments ;o)

I can't wait to see this Monkey Sampler!

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