13 November 2007


Can one go beyond love to lurve? Cause I'm in LURVE with my new WIP. Maybe it's because I have such pretty colors to work with, purples and blues and sparkly silver. I haven't done much, but I have some gorgeous results already. AND, this is the bonus:

I have a choice of two classes to enter this in the state fair as, either as a poem, which it might do better as, and would solidify my efforts as the defending winner of that class, or sampler with mixed stitches. I don't know about that though, because there are some women who do incredible work, and I have a complex about my projects that take 3rd or lower. I always sorta feel like, maybe if I loved them just a little more, was a little more supportive during the stitching process (I must stop saying I hate my projects), they would do better. My Houses of Hawks Run Hollow was like that girl who has always been cossetted, always told she's special, always had the best clothes, then we have Chincoteagues, which was lovely, had to work a little harder to win the blue, because I lost every part of it at least once in the stitching process, and then we have my Americana Samplings, which I hated stitching the whole time, and only appreciated when it got a pretty frame--I am sure, if it were a person, that would be Carrie, because it went to the fair, hoping that if it just had a pretty enough dress, it would do better, and then it didn't. Bugger.

I think I need some sleep.

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