14 November 2007

The Pets' Birthday/Christmas Present to Me

I have such generous, thoughtful, intuitive animals. Perhaps it is because I rescued them from a life under a trailer, or, in the case of Robbie, the backyard because he acts thuglicious, but they always pick me SUCH good presents.

In 2003, it was my necklace and earrings, this year, they opted to have me kit up a gorgeous Midsummer Night Designs chart with Vikki Clayton silks. I am finally kitting up Monkey Sampler, which I am not even really sure is in print anymore, but that I think goes along with my highly irreverent feelings about samplers and which I intend to put in the fair next summer.

Have you seen this chart? It looks pretty simple, hum-drum. Border, house, Quaker animals, alphabet, la la la. Yawn. And then, it strikes you. There are monkeys creeping up to the house. Not only are there monkeys, but there is a line that says, "Monkeys steal my underwear at night." HUNH! But a good hunh because NO ONE ELSE makes samplers like that.

But it's a good hunh. It's irreverant. That is not a sampler sentiment, and I simply adore that her mind came up with doing a sampler based off of a bumper sticker. I think this needs to be exhibited at the fair. If for no other reason than to show people that cross stitch isn't a vintage art, it's contemporary, it's cheeky, it's RELEVANT.

Anyway these are the goodies I got:

2 x Earth Dragon (FLED275) = $3.30
Size Floss (5 yard skeins)
1 x Dragon Fire (SFDF-252) = $1.65
1 x Earth Dragon (FLED275) = $1.65
1 x Jackalope 5265 (FLS-JC5265) = $1.65
1 x ZebraDove 5247 (Shiitake) (FLS-ZD5247) = $1.65
1 x Wrasse 3315 (SF-3315) = $1.65
1 x Nosegay 2103 (FLS-NG2103) = $1.65
1 x Lemon Drops 4201 (FLS-LD4201) = $1.65
1 x Sea Pinks 1353 (Quartz) (FLS-SP1353) = $1.65
1 x Rose Quartz 1363 (FLS-RQ1363) = $1.65
1 x Willow Withies 3221 (FLS-WW3221) = $1.65
1 x Natural 5201 (White) (FLS-NAT) = $1.45
1 x Jackalope 5263 (Lapin) (FLS-LAPIN) = $1.65
1 x JewelWeed 3163 (FLS-JW3163) = $1.65
2 x AquaMarine 2431 (Robin Egg) (FLS-REGG) = $3.30
1 x Embellishment Bag - perles, ribbons, old dye lots, leftovers, about 20 skeins worth (EMBELL) = $9.00
1 x JewelWeed 3165 (OatGrass) (FLS-JW3165) = $1.65
1 x Koi Gold 4219 (FLS-KOI4219) = $1.65
1 x Dragon Opal (FLS-DOPAL) = $1.65
1 x Dark Wisteria (SFDW226) = $1.65
1 x Attar of Roses 1223 (FLS-AR1223) = $1.65
1 x Conch Horn 1241 (FLS-CH1241) = $1.65
1 x Examplar Salty Sea (FLS-ESSEA) = $1.65
1 x Gandy Dancer 1107 (FLS-GD1107) = $1.65
2 x Isle Green 3205 (FLS-IG3205) = $3.30

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