14 December 2007

Couldn't take it any more

I have been working on my tabletopper for almost two weeks solid and I needed a break. So last night I started a Sanman freebie of a snowflake. I figured it was something that I could finish rather quickly. I am about halfway done with it already. So it's good.

There are more charts of snowflakes, I am considering doing them in different threads on different fabrics, silver kreinik on navy, or red on a sparkly lugana, that would use up some of my threads and I would have ornaments. I was thinking I could do a little tree in snowmen ornaments. That would be good for my craft room.

1 comment:

Pumpkin said...

I love Sandy's new ornament series! I'm thinking two trees, one for snowflakes and one for snowmen but then I think that they would all look great on one tree... Oh the decisions! LOL!

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