22 December 2007

I am locked out of the craft room

I went last night to hide my unwrapped gifts in my craft room at SO's house. The door was locked! When I asked, he said it was because my gifts were in there. What the heck did he buy me? His stocking is in there. I have all these gifts to put in the stocking and it's in there. And it's not like I can even get in today. He's shopping today while I am working. I will not have access.

I got up this morning and wrapped a couple small gifts, then laid on the couch and looked at the Christmas tree. Even with the paltry few gifts I had wrapped, I felt like a good provider. I even made sure "the boys" have presents. It's hard to shop for pit bulls, I do have to say, but I got them the healthiest cookies that I could find at Petco, some rawhides, and some chewy cookie things. They look so cute under the tree.


Pumpkin said...

OH NO! LOL! Does he know his stocking is in there????

stitcherw said...

I hope he lets you in before to long. Kind of hard to get to your Christmas goodies and hide more away and not be able to get in the room. Sounds like your furbabies will be all set for Christmas. Some fun chewies, treats, and you, all will be right with their world.
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