29 December 2007

Look at my Ebay wins

I have been spending more time on Ebay than normal lately, and have found some good stuff. I won these this week:

Isn't this so cute? He is such an sweet little crow! I like crows now for some reason.

And this:

I paid more for this kit than I really wanted to pay, but I have never seen it before, and for some reason, I MUST own every possible legal horse design. Especially if they are running, which is rather ironic, since (and I am about to share with you the deep dark secret of my life), I am afraid to ride a galloping horse. But this one was SOOO pretty.

You know, since I started back cross stitching, I have come to appreciate the days of yore. I can remember my early days of stitching, in the early 90s, when there was such a plethora of kits available. Once we decided that my 4-H projects for the fair would not be sewing, they would be cross stitch, Daddy used to take me to MJDesigns, later bought out by Michael's, and we would pick out my project. Anyway, it would take at least an hour to pick something out--this was my fair project, so it had to be perfect, you know (BTW, I never won more than a second in 4-H, but I knew the girl who won from 4-H camp, so it was OK)--but the thing was, they had SECTIONS of subject matter, not just a cursory selection of stuff you wouldn't really want to stitch, like now. I always hit the horse designs first, then expanded. The leaflet section was the same way; it took you TIME to look through everything to find the perfect project, and there was always a delightful selection that took several aisles. Not like that now. And a lot of stitchers shun kits. I like them. I think it's a good value for the money. But they were better back then.

Thank God for Ebay--that is the MJDesigns of the 21st century.

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Pumpkin said...

Oh neat! I've never seen that kit before either. I like kits. I like what I like I guess :o) I agree though, kits are not what they used to be.

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