20 June 2008

Friday Foolishness: All about Phar Lap

Remember how, a couple months ago, I told y'all how my favorite Breyer horse mold was Phar Lap? So I thought I would include this as my Friday Foolishness post of the day:

Phar Lap, whose model was the very image of the horse I always wanted, but never had, was poisoned. They did testing. Some jerk poisoned him with arsenic.

Interesting. At least now people know.


~Julie~ said...

I read the site, Rachel. That is so terribly sad. =( I don't know a single thing about Phar Lap, but judging from the article...I missed out on something *huge* in the horse racing history.

Which of the Phar Lap model horses do you have?


Pumpkin said...

One of the tragedies of the racing world :o( The Phar Lap Breyer mold was my very first Breyer! He's got a few leg repairs and a tail one if I remember right. LOL!

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