17 June 2008

Stash Nirvana

All these years of buying stash I didn't need in quantities that made me blush finally paid off.

I am on my patriotic sheep stitching kick right now. I've noticed there are a lot of patriotic sheep charts out there. I don't know what about sheep blends so well with American pride. It's not our national symbol, we probably have more cattle farmers than sheepfarmers, and the idea of wearing wool on the 4th of July is enough to make my skin crawl (though, for the record, I did learn that, during the battle of Gettysburg, which I have always thought would have been just straight Hell because it took place the first 3 days of July and July in the Mid-Atlantic is all about sweat and mosquitos and one would have hated to be running through a field in wool on a hot day, it wasn't that hot. It was in the 80s--whoda thunk?), but there are lots of sheeps wearing stars and stripes. And since the 4th is my favorite holiday, and I love sheep, they are perfect for me! So I have been making plans to stitch them. In the next three weeks, I want to finish:

Stars and Stripes by Little House Needleworks
Delivering Summer by Homespun Elegance
and the new one by Midsummer Night Designs. I splurged and bought the CC for that one.

Anyway, I was looking at Delivering Summer the other night and decided to roll the dice with my floss stash. I have a piece of Heatherfield left over from Stars and Stripes that will probably work really well, but floss is always an iffy proposition. I don't have A LOT of hand-dyeds, and horde the ones I have, LOL. Usually I just switch out to DMC, but Homespun Elegance has such funky conversions, it's better to just use the Weeks. So I looked, and held my breath, hoping I had them all . . .AND I DID. Woo hoo! So I can do my sheep. Buttons are another story, but I won't be getting it framed for a little bit, so it's OK. But WOO HOO!


Daffycat said...

There is just "something" about sheep. They are nearly irresistible for me! I hoard my overdyes too.

You have super-cute projects planned!

becca said...

I just love it when I have all the supplys on hand for a new project. Can't wait to see all these stiched up sheep.

Pumpkin said...

I was contemplating the stash hoarding the other day but you just made a good point! Now I don't feel so bad anymore ;o) It's kind of like a surprise bag now, you never know what you're going to find in there.

CraftyT said...

I agree, sheep somehow symbolise america :)

I love stitching anything with sheep and anything pertaining to america. I have American Flag quilt sampler by Rosewood Manor in my to do pile. If I start it "ever" it will the biggest project ever to date .
Happy Stitching

~Julie~ said...

I agree Rachel. I don't know what it is about sheep, but there's just that "something" that makes them special. =)

I took a peek-see at the different charts you listed, and they're all darling! How do you plan to 'finish them off'? They'd make a great collage. =D

Have fun with them, and be sure to post your progress!!

As for hand-dyed floss; I have a couple, and I really like them, too! =)


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