06 June 2008

Friday Foolishness (and it's even cross stitch related)

I am sharing this because it was pretty funny.

I am starting my floss dyeing business this summer. I was practicing dyeing yesterday. And so, I called him to tell him what was going on yesterday and that I was so happy because someone on 123 asked me if I would sell her a skein of my doodle floss.

So we got to talking about how I would price my work. I said $1 a skein, just to be competitive. I get silence on the phone. I am thinking he is thinking that that is not even worth the time, so I said, "Well, baby, you have to sell the first dollar to make the first million."

He goes, "A skank of floss? I know all about that. I dated a couple of those."

I about fell out. I told him I didn't think I needed a license to sell those.

"Skein skein skein. Not skank." Some things you just can't talk about on a cell phone, LOL.

He is so funny sometimes. He tries so hard to pay attention and learn stitching terms. He asked me if I was working on my RR last night. I was pretty proud of him

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Pumpkin said...

LOL! Mine's still trying to get used to the word 'stash' ;o)

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