04 February 2009

Almost done

I should have Like Feathered Wings done by the end of the week. I really like my conversion. Especially since we saw the Andalusians the other week. These look enough like them to be a good momento.

I went shopping in my stash at my parents' house this weekend. You would think I have it all moved in by now. You would be wrong. But it's drastically reduced, we're down to one tub of charts, two tubs of kits, and a several tubs of magazines. It's calming, not sickening, to look through it. Yay. Organization is a good thing!

Anyway, I was searching on PatternsOnline for mice charts (I wikey mice veddy much), and saw the really cute Merry Mice Christmas designs, and I know I had that booklet. It's an oversized one, that is how I know I had it. I checked my binder of oversized charts at the house and it wasn't there, so I knew it was in the box o charts in the basement (remind me to get that off the floor before spring, please), so when I took the dogfood to Mom's, I looked in the box. Remember how I was freaking out because I swore I had that Miss Moppet stocking, and yet could not find it? How I managed to convince myself I had it confused with another stocking? I had a pattern for Hunca Munca and Peter Rabbit that I had my hands on (they were box lot purchases), and a Miss Moppet book, and I guessed I confused Hunca Munca with Miss Moppet. So I had my Vermilion kitten stocking all started and was cool with that. It works. So imagine my delight when I searched that box for the Merry Mice, and found Miss Moppet! I knew I'm not crazy. Well, relatively not crazy. Anyway, it's in my hot little hands, along with a bunch of Halloween charts I didn't know I had, and a horse chart from Barrett House that has a design of racing Thoroughbreds. I squealed over that one, y'all. Squealed. I have no shame. It's in my purse right now. Along with Miss Moppet. I was thinking of doing it for myself, but I do like the kitten one for me better and it does match SO's stocking better, so I came up with the brilliant idea of putting the kitties' names on Miss Moppet, or just, "My Kitties," and have it be their stocking. But then, I'd have to do a dog one or two. But then again, the dogs don't notice the small things. It's not Christmas, it is Christmas, life is good. They get a present, and they're like Randy in A Christmas Story: "A cookie, that's mine! A lamby toy, that's mine! Pup'onis, that's mine!" and then ignore the sweaters and instead get in a fight over the toy. The cats tend to notice things like a giant tree appearing in the living room--they must climb or eat it, or hide under it for Santy Claws. Such is life.

Miss Moppet takes a lot of floss. Which I may not have, but then again, I probably do. Do you know, and I hang my head at this, since I moved in Thanksgiving weekend, I have not touched the giant drawer o' floss in the garage? I guess partially because I have enough WIPs that I don't need to kit anything up. Hmmmm, that's not so good, right? Although I do need to go check for Anchor 261, because I seem to have stolen that from a UFO for another project, which is probably a UFO too.

So that's life here today. I decided I am going to try to do a Merry Mouse design for the Christmas class at the fair--after all, seriously, who wouldn't put a ribbon on cute mice? And I'll do that Miss Moppet stocking this year, far simpler than Christmas kitties. So 2 entries from one stash dive. Pretty good, no?


Pumpkin said...

LOL! I love reading your Blog because I never know what you've come across. It's like going shopping but through you ;o)

Annie said...

Does the fair have a category for 'most stash'? I think you could win that one easily!

Fun to discover a long lost pattern though, isn't it.

Meari said...

Isn't it great looking through stash and finding things!! I'm excited for you. :D

I do my thing and you do yours. I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other, then it is beautiful. If not, it can’t be helped--Frederick Perls