23 February 2009

Totally off-topic, but . . .

I am busy perusing the Oscar fashion pictures. As I sit here in in outfit that didn't cost more than $100 for the entire thing, and there is not one designer inspired piece in the ensemble, unless you count New Balance as designer, I feel the need to comment on their clothes. Not the actual Oscar dresses. Those are AWESOME. But the after-party clothes.

How many of these people showed up to these parties, and were like, "Come on, I thought we were in a recession. Why didn't you TELL me we were supposed to dress up and look nice?" Particularly those who have WON Oscars? Celebrate, people, celebrate!

Just a note to our celebrity friends, chunky gladiator sandals are not an evening look. They're just not.


Brenda Lou said...

Watching these celebrities is the best part of the whole show....LOL And not very many outfits impressed me this time around :(

Pumpkin said...

Ummm...I think some of them dug to the bottom of their closets for some of their dresses :oS

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