11 February 2009


is the sound of me falling off the wagon.

I visited 3 ONS today. I bought the "Dance des Chevaux" and a bunny chart from Isabelle Vautier. The exchange rate made it worthwhile. I don't know whether it's bragging or complaining, but for 22 Euros worth of charts, I paid $27 including shipping. Which kind of makes me throw up a little, considering I was paying a lot more this summer. Oh, well . . . But I had to have that chart. I have the most WONDERFUL horse fabric, sort of a Renaissance print I bought here. I think I want to do a flange pillow in black velvet with a dog-eared corner, and have this peep out. So, you see, I had to have it! It matches too well. The other chart is I likey bunnies too, and it felt springy to me.

And then I needed floss, so I went to I want to do these horses in shades of grey, too. Have I told you I LURVE grey horses? If not, I lurve grey horses. Since I do not own one, I must stitch them. So I bought a bunch of different flosses, and some pale greens to do the bunnies on. I see them on a deep green, but it might be kinda neat to do them on a green/blue horizon-dyed in maybe a brown or a grey-ey brown.

I also bought the Good Huswife's Bird Keeper and Just Nan's Dewdrop from ABC Stitch Therapy. It really wasn't a lot. I like the Bird Keeper. A lot of the CHS/GH designs were of bird themes, and it tickles me that birds were used so unusually. I like my designs a little "off," and a bird cage as a dress is cool!

Before you think I am just a twittering nitwit today, I'd like to spread the word about a really good idea I found out about through a message board, from this blog. The stitcher wants to gather Christmas ornaments to give to people who have been affected by the Australian wildfires. Or other items, if they don't celebrate Christmas. I think it's a splendid idea. I feel badly, because I can't do anything from America, and a fire is one of things that scares me the most. But this is a way to help, and I like that, so I'm spreading the word!

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Pumpkin said...

YOU GOT THE BUNNIES!!!! I LOVE that pattern!

Your stash shopping sounds devine :o) I got Dewdrop as well. I couldn't completely turn cheek. LOL!

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