19 February 2009

Winding bobbins

I have decided if I have children, whenever they are bad, I will force them to wind floss on bobbins. I have spent time winding floss the last couple days--perhaps this is why I have been in a slump--and I hate it. Even having SO hold the skein while I wind it is not helping. I mean it is helping, because I'll take all the help I can get, but it's depressing to look at it all.

I know, why wind it if it bothers me? Well, my intricate filing system of the unwound skeins--some in a popcorn tin, some in a Fisher's tin, some in a tote bag I mean to stitch SamSarah Pearls for, some in some other items I am supposed to be finishing--it's not working. Even put in sandwich bags, it's not working. It annoys me. And, since I can't find a better filing system for myself--Flossaway bags are really just sandwich bags on rings and I am not big on the sandwich bags--bobbins seem to work the best. But they are such a pain to wind.

Not the least of which is because I can not seem to find paper bobbins in bulk. I don't like plastic bobbins. Never have. But you can find plastic bobbins, just not paper. I don't know where else to look. I looked on Darice's website, Janlynn's, even DMC, no one has large numbers of them. And I am not crafty enough to make my own.


I did do some work on My Kitty last night. We were watching "Twister", so she has most of a leg now. It's been a while since I saw that movie and it is really fun to watch. I have a wierd affinity for this movie, because the actor who rides around in the truck with Rabbit, who is also famous for the "Got Milk" commercials where he had to answer "Aaron Burr" went to high school in my county, and also I worked at a live theatre that summer, and people used to call us all the time to find out when the movie was playing, and the Twister callers always seemed just a titch nicer when we told them they needed to call the movie theatre than the Independance Day folks. Plus, the mistakes in this movie are FANTASTIC. But I did get to thinking, when this movie was made, didn't we have Doppler radar, that they had no way of knowing how tornadoes behaved and people had seconds to get out of the way? It seems like they understand tornadoes now really well. Or maybe they don't and I'm just too stupid to know.


Rachel said...

Try Michaels for the paper bobbins. Ive gotten packs of about 50 (4 to a page that have to be punched out) from Joanns and Michaels. DMC makes them.

Have to agree that winding bobbins is mind numbing, I just finished getting ~100 done from wild purchases on Monday (love floss sales!). Dont know if I could handle the kids doing the winding for me - one of my anal issues and not sure if it would be done 'correctly' to my liking ;oP

Jennifer said...

You NEED a bobbin winder. It makes things SOOOOOO much easier. You just hook it onto the side of the bobbin case, put your bobbin on, and wind away. I do recommend wedging an extra bobbin or two between the legs of the winder and the case to hold the winder on a little tighter. Otherwise it wobbles a bit.

Pumpkin said...

I know this is a lot of work but I used to cut the number off the DMC skeins and tape them onto the bobbins. This was before they had the stickers ;o)

Daffycat said...

I hated winding bobbins so much! I think I'd stop stitching if that was the only way to store it! I also hate the kinked thread and no way to store extra bits neatly.

I use the floss-a-way bags with a 3x5 index card tucked inside to make the bag stand upright. These get filed just like index cards in order in CD/DVD storage drawers. I used to keep them in long index card storage drawers but now they are only used for WIPs. I've recently posted on my blog about my floss storage if you'd like to see.

Bronny said...

I find my paper bobbins here in packets of 100 or so. I'll have to go look and see, but I have bobbin winding days, and just hope that the cat doesn't get too inquisitive. My excess is stored in brown paper bags in groups of 100's in a pretty cardboard box. Every 6months or so, I go through them to see what ones need to be wound.

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