11 February 2010

And the clean up commences

HTB says I can't shovel, because the drifts are taller than me. So he's outside, shoveling. He tried to do it with the assistance of the big boys, but when I went out to the garage, they were kennelled up. He says they kept getting in his shoveling space and he didn't want to hit them. Knowing them, I believe him--Shocka picks the place you need him least (In my case, he wanted in the Vibe) and makes it his goal to get to that place, and then looks at you with such love in those eyes. They appealed to me to let them out, but it really makes shoveling difficult, and this isn't shoveling you play around with.

I'm passing the day. I tried to stitch last night, but I was so tired and my neck hurt. I talked to my aunt last night. She thinks I am insane to want to enter things in the fair this year, due to the wedding, but HTB and I were talking it over and, really, other than my dress, the major decisions are made. What isn't made aren't hard decisions--mostly they're related to the music, and, for the most part, I have really good ideas of what I want. But, I mean, entry-wise, I have super-good stuff completed already, and what isn't done, I can get completed pretty quick. One piece needs a charm which I have to track down and order, one needs some beads replaced since I was clueless when I sewed them on how one attachs beads, and so they've fallen off. The things that I haven't started aren't terribly difficult pieces, they just need done. I didn't realize just how much HTB likes that I enter the fair til, when I told him, he said, "But you do that EVERY year. Why not this year?" ANd I AM the master at getting stuff done when it seems impossible to do so. So, if he helps me (and he always does), I know I'll have fair entries.

I hope they do major work on the roads today. Even if we don't go into work, I want to get out and about. I've been inside for 36 hours and there are things I want to get done. I told HTB last night that, I don't care if we just go to McDonald's, I want to get out of this house for Valentine's Day. I want to eat food that neither of us prepared, I want to eat off dishes we don't own. I want to see a movie on a screen larger than our TV. I want to go to a craft store. I'm such a cheap date, aren't I? LOL.

I hope everyone is having a great day! Spring is here in 1 month and 10 days.

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