24 February 2010

Another finished finish

I stitched this a while ago, maybe 2007, but just finished it into an ornament. I am pretty happy with it. It's stuffed with a bit of batting, a good way to use up the little scraps, and then sewn with the cording ends tucked in. I bought the cording for this one, instead of making it--I have to be in the zone to make good cording, and I was not in it. I do admit, I prefer the look of the tucked in ends rather than glueing them and laying them together, even though this is probably not the best it could be. And I LOVE how much nicer it looks sewn with invisible thread than my old way with regular. It just looks polished.

So this may not be perfect, but it's a good start.


Annie said...

Very cute finish. Cording ends are always tricky to deal with. I have never figured out a way that really pleases me, but I generally use your method.

Deb said...

I think that it's a very cute finish. I've only corded something once and I tucked the ends in like you did. I think it looks fine!!

Chiloe said...

it's beautiful !! Congrats on your finish.

Margaret said...

What do you mean about glueing and laying - can you explain a bit? I always tuck in but sometimes (as in around a tin or a box) that doesn't work well

Pumpkin said...

Sweet! Congrats Rachel :o)

What do you mean by tucked in?

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