25 February 2010

Tucking and shoving--the ends

I had a couple comments about my thoughts on tucking and shoving cording ends. I know everyone has a different way of doing it.

I see a lot of ornaments that the ends of the cord are wrapped in clear tape, glued or sewn down, and the tape is exposed. Sometimes it's covered by a tassel or something, but not always. I haven't gotten one of these ornaments, so maybe I'm not right to comment, but the picture of that in my head doesn't look right to me. Perhaps because I like when the construction of something is a mystery to be figured out. I guess the finishing I used on "Let It Snow" is as close to that as I can get right now, as far as using one continuous loop of cording. It wasn't a hard way to finish it. The fiddli-est part was making sure I was sewing through the two things of cord after I had put them into the opening at the bottom (one of these days, I'll show pictures). I may, next time, try doing it at the corner, not the center, but I don't know. It's an experiment.

I've actually figured out in the past how to do the cross over/tucking deal on top of boxes. That was actually a lot easier than sewing on an ornament. What I did (and one of these days, I'll show this, too) was, cut a piece of foamcore a little bit smaller than the box lid it went on. I padded it and then put the stitching on top. After that, I glued the cording on, and tucked the ends, then glued the whole thing on top of the box. I don't know if it was right, but it worked. I plan on doing it again.

I will say, I'm so far from knowing what I'm doing. I'm learning. I still haven't taken up the challenge of an Altoid tin because I don't trust that I can glue paper to metal. I tend to take the lazy way out, sometimes it works, sometimes it fails. I'm lucky that, so far, the works outnumber the fails.

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