11 February 2010

Storm photos

I know, I know, you've seen about all the snow you care to see for the rest of your lives. But I promised pix, and pix you shall have

Out our front door. The pic is bad, but we couldn't get the door open because of how much snow there was. The only door that would open was the garage door, and it was more important to make sure the dogs could pee. We shoveled this Sunday. It took another go round this morning.

OUt into the backyard. That viney stuff is on top of the fence HTB put up so that his homeowners' insurance would be cool with the pitbulls. It's six feet high. Granted, we have a hill, but it ain't that steep. The whole bak yard is just depressingly full of snow.

The pile of snow after HTB shoveled out my car. The untouched snow is waist deep. The piled up snow is 8 feet tall and five feet wide. HTB is tired. And my car got stuck in a snowdrift because they only half plowed the street. There's nowhere to put the snow. The governor said streets would not be plowed to pavement. This sucks.

Icicles hanging down. We get one or two normally. These are like fringe the whole way around the house.

Looking up the street in the middle of the storm yesterday. HTB's racecar is one of the lumps. The Tahoe is another one. Over to the right is the park I walk in sometimes. Now it's a big pile of snow.


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

WoW! We haven't seen snow like that in SE Michigan for as long as I can remember. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Julie M said...

That's incredible snow! Spring can't come soon enough for me and I bet you can't wait either!

April Mechelle said...

Great Pictures !

riona said...

Scary ... especially since it is not generally expected in your area ... and municipalities are not set up to deal with it.

Oddly, here in the northern NYC metro area, we seem to be getting less snow than usual this year. I haven't had to cancel classes for snow once this school year. I probably just jinxed the whole program and since God has a sense of humor, there'll be snow for First Communion in May.

Carol said...

It sure has been a rough winter, hasn't it Rachel? We have 30" here, but you guys have gotten hit even worse... Only 36 days till Spring :)

Pumpkin said...

Oh man, you guys did get dumped on! I don't remember that amount of snow for a long time. Hopefully it will melt away soon.

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