25 February 2010

Why haven't I looked at this before

Somewhere in my journey through life, I happened onto Spoonflower. I signed up for their emails, and never actually went on the site.

Have I been missing out!

They have lovely fabric. Different fabric. You can design your own fabric.

Wouldn't this be awesome to use for finishing? It's a bit pricey at $18 a yard.

But it's not your everyday stuff.


Patti said...

Well, nuts, your link doesn't work. When I click it I get:

"The page you were looking for doesn't exist"


Pumpkin said...

I love this site. Maybe someday...

Deb said...

I think I've seen this site before. I think that I remember Kathy Barrick of CHS using this site once for designing fabric. I'm glad to made me rediscover it. It is pricey, but you never know when you'll want just that certain piece of fabric!

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